2021 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group                                                        Date Sent
RECBWG Scope of Work Transmission Cost Allocation 1/6/2021 
DERTF- Guiding Principles DER  1/19/2021 
DERTF- "Explore Stage" Approach DER 1/19/2021 
RASC - Planned Outage Modeling  Resources  1/20/2021 
RASC - RAN Subannual Resource Adequacy Construct Proposal Resources  1/20/2021 
DERTF- Evaluate Framework  DER  2/17/2021 
PSC: MTEP Selection of Transmission Alternatives (IR091)  Transmission Planning  2/23/2021
Sub-annual RA Construct  Resources  3/24/2021 
DERTF - Initial Evaluation Results  DER  3/22/2021 
IPWG: Order 2222 Initial Responses and Additional Questions DER 3/30/21