Hot Topic Responses to MISO

PowerSky 2

September       Market Development
March               Seams
December          Long-Term Regional Transmission Planning
September         Generator Outage Coordination
June                    Energy Supply Sufficiency
March                  Resilience
September Distributed Energy Resources
March Cost Allocation
November Stakeholder Process
September Resource Adequacy
March Seams
December Clean Power Plan
August Price Formation
June Resource Adequacy
April  Interregional Planning 
February Resource Adequacy 
December Demand Response
October Seams/Interregional Planning
August Clean Air Act Section 111(d)
April Business Model
February Demand Response
December  Electricity & Natural Gas Coordination Discussion (no written comments)
October  MISO Governance
August  MISO Governance Model
June  Sector "Business Model" Discussion*
April  Market Enhancement Priorities
February  Coordinated Regional Resource Assessment
December  IPP, PM Business Models*
October  MISO Membership
August  Seams Status & Improvements
July Enhanced Planning Authority (OMS Proposal to MISO AC)
July Enhanced OMS Authority for Filing Cost Allocation Methodologies (OMS Proposal to MISO AC)
April Questions Regarding FERC Order 1000
February The EPA Rules Impact on MISO Markets
August  Role of IMM and IMM State of the Market Recommendations 
June  Cross Border Transmission Planning, Analysis, and Participation 
Feburary  Discussion of Resource Adequacy 
December Resource Adequacy Discussion
October Adequate Price Signals
August Long Term Perspective - New Products & Services & Strategic Direction
June Coodination Improvements betrween PJM (or other RTOs) and MISO*
February Wind Integration and Cost Allocation
December Resource Adequacy
October Regional Infrastructure Planning
August Wind Integration
June Smart Grid
March Load Forecasting*
January MISO Board of Directors Interaction with Stakeholders to Meet the Requirements of FERC Order 719
December  Transmission Cost Allocation* 
October  Pricing - Adequate Price Signals* 
August  Transmission Interconnection Queue Progress 
June  Resource Adequacy 
January  End User Focus 
December  Energy Efficiency & Demand Response 
October  Day 1 & Day 2 Issues* 
August Free Rider
February Joint & Common Market (JCM)
January Ancillary Services Market*
December Transmission Rate Design
October Resource Adequacy
July Balancing Authority Functional Consolidation & Ancillary Services Market
June Budgeting & Cost Accountability


*OMS did not comment