The DER leads the OMS efforts related to distributed energy resources, specifically focused on the interface between the transmission and distribution systems. The OMS took a leadership role in this area, as explained  in the June 2017 DER Overview and Work Plan document. The DER is responsible for tracking DER-related matters at the many MISO stakeholder committees that touch this subject as well as all federal developments from FERC and NERC.

Tricia DeBleeckere, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Erick Hanser, Michigan Public Service Comissio


Regional markets for energy, balancing services, capacity, and any auctions
or other method to acquire rights on the transmission system. 

Topics Include:
• Energy and ancillary services markets (Day Ahead, Real Time)
• FTR, ARR and transmission rights auctions and issues
• Market design evaluation and improvements
• Independent Market Monitor (IMM) activities and mitigation issues
• Electric/natural gas coordination
• MISO Market Sub Committee

Hwikwon Ham, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Walt Cecil, Missouri Public Service Commission


Ensuring sufficient generation sources (energy and capacity) are
available to meet demand.

Topics Include:
• Resource AdequacyAnnual resource planning (Module E)
    • RA survey
    • RA forum
• Resources Business Practices Manual (BPM) and resource
  qualification and verification
• Planning reserve margins and loss of load expectations (LOLE)
• Resources Adequacy Sub-Committee (RASC)
• Generator interconnection

Werner Roth, Public Utility Commission of Texas
Akanksha Craft, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin


Provisions between MISO and other RTOs and non-RTOs,
except transmission planning.

Topics Include:
• MISO/SPP Joint Operating Agreement
• Joint stakeholder meetings
• MISO/PJM Joint Operating Agreement
• Joint and Common Market (JCM)
• Market to Market
• Non-RTO seams issues
• MISO Seams Working Group

Adam McKinnie, Missouri Public Service Commission
Keith Berry, Arkansas Public Service Commission

Transmission Cost Allocation

Regional and interregional cost allocation issues.

Topics Include: 
• Regional cost allocation
• Interregional cost allocation
• MISO Regional Expansion Criteria and Benefits Work Group (RECB)

David Carr, Mississippi Public Service Commission
Christine Ericson, Illinois Commerce Commission

Transmission Planning

Regional and interregional transmission planning activities.

Topics Include:
• Order 1000 planning issues
• MISO Expansion Transmission Planning (MTEP) and futures development
• Interregional Transmission Planning
• Targeted Transmission Studies such as EPA Modeling
• MISO Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

Bonnie Janssen, Michigan Public Service Commission
Enrique Bacalao, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin