Strategic Priorities

Long Term Focus Areas
1. Act as a leader in the development and implementation of policy issues in the Midcontinent ISO (MISO) region to protect the public interest and ensure costs to customers are reasonable.
2. Support member engagement in MISO-related issues through education, collaboration, and communication.
3. Preserve retail jurisdictional construct from attempts to alter the appropriate balance of local, regional, and federal authority.

2019 Strategic Priorities (Board Member Liaison)
Distributed Energy Resources (Chair Ted Thomas)
• Lead stakeholder process on DER-related policies, market rules, and planning processes throughout the MISO region. Coordinate across the transmission and distribution system interface to ensure efficient and reliable participation of DER in wholesale and retail markets.
• Identify areas of jurisdictional overlap and areas of sole state jurisdiction.
• Prepare for, and respond to, future market recommendations from MISO’s Market Strategy team. Monitor integrity of wholesale markets as they evolve to changing technologies.
• Develop understanding of newly revised IEEE 1547 standard for interconnection to distribution. Provide visibility to all members on development of MISO’s related Bulk Power System recommendations.

Seams (Commissioner Daniel Hall)
• Actively participate in the ongoing OMS/SPP-RSC Initiative. Understand the viewpoints of SPP Commissioners related to seams issues and communicate the views of OMS members. Make recommendations to MISO and SPP on potential improvements that are identified.

ROE (Commissioner Richard Lozier)
• Develop an OMS position on ROE incentive adders. Participate in any future FERC proceeding on this matter. Coordinate with other Regional State Committees as appropriate.
• Participate in FERC proceeding related to base ROE calculation in New England that will impact related MISO ROE complaints.

Resource Adequacy (Commissioner Sarah Freeman)
• Monitor resource adequacy implications of solutions proposed through the Resource Availability and Need (RAN) Initiative.
• Coordinate demand-side resource interactions between retail and wholesale tariffs.
• Ensure the generator interconnection queue process is not acting as a barrier to maintaining resource adequacy.

Transmission Planning (Commissioner Matt Schuerger)
• Engage on the development of scope, key assumptions, and methodology for assessment of regional, coordinated, long-term transmission needs.
• Develop a longer-term vision for transmission planning, which includes state perspectives on business case development. Ensure future uncertainty is properly captured. Ensure appropriate benefits are analyzed during business case development.
• Understand where energy storage fits within the transmission planning process and its connection to resource adequacy and distribution system planning.
• Identify near-term tasks required for longer-term action related to transmission planning improvements.

Approved by the OMS Board November 13, 2018

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